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SPA Massage Therapist (On Call)

Positions: 2
Type: Other
Hours: AM/PM


This position requires keen customer service and knowledge to provide memorable experiences for our guests.  One of the first tenets of operating a successful spa is efficiency and accuracy in maintaining exemplary customer service.  Your responsibilities include but are not limited to the following: customer service, re-stocking of your massage room, maintain par levels of sheets, towels, wash clothes, hand towels as well as massage supplies that are provided for you.  The skill set requirements include effective communication, organization, and impeccable attention to detail and outstanding customer service skills. It is necessary to have completed the appropriate number of school hours and state required testing for this position.

 Position Responsibilities: 

  • Providing our guests with exceptional spa treatments is key to this position.
  • Daily maintenance of your individual treatment room.
  • Re-stocking of all linens towels and massages supplies within your treatment room.
  • Become an expert in knowing all the spa services that pertain to your area in a timely manor.
  • Recognize that the overall cleanliness and maintenance of the spa directly affects our guests experience and the entire spa operation and that your assistance is crucial in doing so.
  • Problem solve when necessary.
  • Never say “NO” to a guest; although we may not be able to provide exactly what a guest may want, it’s important to provide options.
  • Be a Team Player,” this is imperative to any position at The Grand Spa.
  • Complete a daily inventory of your treatment room to ensure all levels are up to par for the next staff member using the room.

How to Apply

Download an application for employment in PDF format and fax it back to us at 801-258-6010. All applications must be completed in full before being considered for a position with Grand America Hotels & Resorts. You can also email your resume and a completed application to To apply in person please visit our Employment Center, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Grand America Employment Center
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Please enter at 520 South State Street (this is the door just left of the receiving and delivery entrance).

Fax   801-258-6010
Job   Hotline: 801-258-6650
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Processing time of applications can take up to four weeks, depending on the position that you have applied for. Only those who are selected by a department manager to receive an interview will be contacted (all applicants who are not contacted may reapply at any time). All inquiries should be made directly to the employment center; please do not attempt to contact a member of management or human resources.

All employees of The Grand & Little America Hotels must be able to work SATURDAYS, SUNDAYS and HOLIDAYS.

All new hires will be subject to a pre-employment drug screen.

The Grand America Hotels & Resorts will never ask for an advance fee prior to employment.

All questions may be directed to: 801-258-6009