Grand America Hotel - Salt Lake City


Is there transportation to/from the airport to The Grand America Hotel?

What transportation options are available while staying in Salt Lake City?

What type of parking is available at The Grand America Hotel?

Best Rate Guarantee

What are the standard check-in and check-out times?

What forms of payment are accepted to pay for a room?

What is the minimum age required to book a reservation?

Can special amenities, such as floral arrangements or Champagne be prepared for guests prior to arrival?

What are the The Grand America Hotel pool hours?

Are non-hotel guests able to access The Grand America Hotel pools?

Does The Grand America Hotel offer childcare?

Does The Grand America Hotel have cribs or rollaway beds available?

Does The Grand America Hotel allow pets?

Does the Grand America Hotel offer discounts to military, AARP or AAA members?

If I have questions about my bill, who can I contact?

Does The Grand America Hotel offer tours of the hotel?

What are the liquor laws in Utah?

Employment opportunities at The Grand America Hotel

Does the hotel have car charging stations?