Grand America Hotel - Salt Lake City
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Hover over a region on the map to get your local sales contact information. Additional sales contacts are below.

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Kristine Rhodes-George
Corporate Volume (#'s & A-I)   801-258-6738

Blake Carling
Corporate Volume (J-Z)  801-258-6720

Jackie Kocher
Small to Mid-Group Utah Market, 10-150 on peak and Entertainment (Grand America and Little America)  801-258-6739

Jonathan Bakker
Utah Market, 150+ on peak (Grand America and Little America)  801-258-6756
Tarah Bakhtiary
Social Market  801-258-6748
Chris Iglesias
Government, Tours  801-258-6757

Elizabeth Barrett 
Sales Manager 801-258-6759

Matt Brucker
Sales Manager 801-258-6758

Laurie Cannon
National Sales Manager


Scott Farmery
National Sales Manager