Yoga in the Courtyard

Parinaz Salehi is a seasoned Baptiste-trained power yoga instructor, bringing over a decade of expertise in both teaching and personal practice. She places a strong emphasis on form, alignment, and breath control, equipping her students with all the essential tools for a powerful and effective yoga session.

Parinaz is adept at using breathwork to navigate challenging moments with tranquility, presence, and grace. Passionate about supporting each student's individual journey, she helps them foster self-trust and encourages them to transcend their self-imposed boundaries. Parinaz will guide you to your edge, encourage you to surpass your limitations, and diligently work to strengthen your mental endurance. You will leave her classes not only feeling empowered but also deeply inspired by her exceptional teaching skills.

Parinez will be hosting free yoga classes in the Courtyard at 6 PM. First class will be Thursday, July 18th. Events are open to both our guests and the community.