Green Initiatives

Rocky Mountain Power wattsmart project team in The Grand Ballroom at The Grand America Hotel at The Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City..
Crystal and bronze Moscatelli chandelier at The Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake.
Blown glass chandeliers hanging in The Grand America Hotel's lobby.

+ Saving Big on Energy

The Grand America Hotel is saving 2.6 million kilowatt-hours of energy a year, thanks to a recently-completed lighting project. For more than a decade The Grand America has been partners with Rocky Mountain Power’s wattsmart Business Program, which offers technical expertise and cash incentives for improving the energy efficiency of businesses. The partnership has helped the hotel to become approximately 90 percent LED.
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+ Sustainability Measures

  • Our lobby floral arrangements are rearranged after use and delivered to nursing homes by volunteers.
  • Some departments have implemented a four-day workweek to reduce energy costs, pollution, and fuel use.
  • The front desk has reduced paper and toner use by half by no longer requiring guests to sign two receipts.
  • Other departments have cut copy paper use in half by printing double-sided.
  • We provide tailored sustainable solutions for events upon request.
  • Our cleaning supplies, purchased from Eco-Logic Solutions, are biodegradable and more environmentally friendly than standard chemicals.

+ Waste Management

  • We use a commercial-grade trash compactor to save landfill space.
  • Our offices and business center have a paper recycling program. We also recycle paper products such as newspapers, magazines, cardboard boxes and other paper waste from guest rooms.
  • We offer guests an optional reusable amenity program to reduce waste.
  • We minimize paper waste by using glass and china tableware and linen tablecloths and napkins in guest rooms, banquet facilities, and restaurants.
  • All restaurant and banquet facilities use reusable condiment dishes, reducing container and food waste.


+ Energy Use

  • Through our property management system, in-room auto-adjusted thermostats recognize when rooms are vacant and adjust the temperature to setback mode to conserve energy.
  • We replaced incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient LED bulbs in all guest rooms and approximately 90% of the hotels light fixtures.
  • Since 2004, The Grand America Hotel and Little America Salt Lake have participated in Rocky Mountain Power’s Energy Efficiency Program. The hotels have achieved an annual energy consumption reduction of 8,670,431 kilowatt-hours, which is enough saved energy to power approximately 860 average-sized homes.

+ Water Conservation

  • All public area restrooms are equipped with sensor faucets and toilets to minimize water flow.
  • Our guest rooms feature low-flow in-room showerheads (2.5 gallons per minute).
  • We offer guests an optional reusable room linen program to conserve water.
  • Our on-site laundry facility allows us to monitor and control water usage.