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Art at The Grand: The Gibson Girl Portraits

Art at The Grand is a series dedicated to focusing on one of the many treasures featured in the self-paced Art Tour at The Grand America. Today, we are taking a closer look at the “Gibson Girl” portraits, a collection of which decorate the walls of The Gibson Lounge. 

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Faces of The Grand: Preston Saint Pierre

Preston Saint Pierre loves his job because he loves connecting with other people. He pays attention to the little things, putting a personal touch on every guest interaction. It’s why he knew, confidently, which bag had gone missing. It’s also why he felt determined to get it back. 

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Your End of Summer Itinerary at The Grand America

With the onset of August brings the days of back-to-school prepping, and as the sun begins to set on another summer season it's easy to fall into the season ending slump. But while the sun still shines and days are still more free to explore, take advantage of the opportunity to make the transition into fall a celebratory occasion. Whether enjoying the best in back-to-school shopping or coordinating a fun final hurrah for the whole family, getaway to The Grand America for connection, relaxation, and a whole lot of summer fun. 

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