Ski Resort

Dear Snow Buddies, I know where to bring our search for little Snowball to a close. It’s the coolest place to spend a powder day—the ski resort. Here in Northern Utah, Snowball loves to visit Snowbasin. At Snowbasin, they look out for little guys like Snowball and take extra special care of first-time skiers and snowboarders. When you visit a ski resort, you can ride with super speed down snow-covered mountain slopes, then ride back up to the top of the hill on a chairlift or by loading into a fully enclosed gondola.

As you’ve probably noticed, Snowball is not a scaredy cat. While he does love taking a few turns down some of the most daring runs, his favorite part of days at Snowbasin is what we call “Après Ski” (say: ahh-pray ski). Après is a French word that means “after.” And “après ski” just means things we enjoy after a day of skiing. Everybody does it a little differently. You can get warm by the fire. Drink a cup of hot cocoa. Listen to live music. Or—Snowball’s favorite—enjoy a tasty snack! Can you spot him out and about at the Resort?