Snowball Fight

Prepare yourself, Snow Buddies. This could get interesting. It’s time to look for Snowball in, perhaps, the most obvious of places…in the middle of a snowball fight. It is, after all, the activity he was named after. When that feline is feeling feisty, there’s nothing he loves more than an all-out battle. Snowball fights are perfect for bonding with your team while bombarding your opponents with the fluffiest snowballs made from Utah’s famous light powder. Ready to get in the game? Take a tip from Snowball, then get ready to go!

Snowball’s Guide to Perfect Snowball Making

Step 1: Find a bank of fresh snow. Remove the icier top layer and go for the fluffier snow just below the surface.
Step 2: Warmer snow is ideal. When snow is slightly melted, the “free water” forms a glue that will help to hold your snowball together.
Step 3: Get snow into both of your hands then bring them together. Wear light gloves, NOT mittens, which will stick to the snow.
Step 4: Apply pressure while rotating the snow evenly in your hands in order to form a sphere.
Step 5: Ready, aim, fire! Your snowball will go soaring through the air. Just make sure not to aim too close to any friends’ faces!


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