Dear travelers,

Here, they are Christmas experts. So many traditions practiced all over the world actually started here—they even invented the advent calendar. “Advent” is a word used to describe the feeling of waiting with big expectations. Like the way we open one little door in the advent calendar each day in December, just waiting waiting waiting for Christmas day!

These experts are, of course, the people of Germany!

They’ve been practicing Christmas traditions for a very long time. Like, using fir trees as decorations in our homes? They were the first to do that, too. But, before ornaments, they would actually put apples in the tree and call it a “Paradise Tree,” then they switched to candles. How all those trees with candles in them didn’t catch on fire, I do not know.

By the time I arrived, they had already hung their stockings. They do this early in December, for the Feast of Saint Nicholas. But—don’t worry—there’s still so much to do. I’ve gone ice skating at the outdoor market, bought a traditional wooden nutcracker doll for good luck, and eaten lots of lebkuchen (Say: lay-b-coo-hun)—that’s what they call gingerbread cookies.

I’ve got to get going soon though, before Krampus Night. Krampus comes before Christmas to scare all the children who misbehaved this year! I’m not saying I’ve been bad…but I wouldn’t want to take any chances. So off I go!



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