Dear travelers,

Here, we’re having a big barbeque lunch outside. The sun is so bright, I have to wear my sunglasses.

With Christmas happening in the middle of the summer, you must know I am now “down under” in Australia!

Christmas traditions here are similar to my family’s traditions at home in Utah—but everything has a summertime twist! We spend a lot of time outside, and even attended a Christmas parade! Christmas trees are mostly made out of plastic and some families spray them with cans of fake snow. On “boxing day”—a name for the day after Christmas—we go to the beach and see people dressed like Santa Claus catching huge waves on their surfboards! And since it’s too hot for cocoa, many families will leave Santa a cold beer instead.

I could get used to this warm weather Christmas, but there’s still so much to see—so I grab my coat and head back up North!



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