Dia de los Tres Reyes Magos

Dear travelers,

Have you ever wanted to be king for a day?

Here, we are cutting the Rosca de Reyes—a special ring-shaped cake decorated with candied fruits. As I bite into my slice, I chew carefully, checking my teeth for a tiny plastic baby. If the baby is in my slice, I am crowned king for the day!

This is Dia de Los Reyes Magos—Three Kings Day—in beautiful, sunny Mexico!

Tonight, we will put our shoes out in shoeboxes, hoping the kings will fill them up with small toys and candy, and tomorrow, we will wake up to see all of our surprises! Sort of like Christmas. But this festival actually happens after Christmas, on January 6th. This is because this day celebrates the story of the 3 wise men who traveled to find the baby Jesus and brought him gifts.

My favorite part is getting to wear a paper crown and see people dressed up at the 3 kings in a big parade through the center of town.

This stop is also the last on our journey and, PHEW, I am tired.

I loved every single holiday tradition I got witness but, now that my travels are over, I am ready for a BIG, LONG nap!

Thanks for joining me on this adventure! I hope you enjoyed our Celebrate the World trip—and, most importantly, I wish you a season full of joy, as you come together with the ones you love and share all of your favorite things.