Dear travelers,

Here, everything is lit up. The sky is lit with fireworks. The houses are lit by special lamps. If you’re heading to India this time of the season, you may experience this magic—it’s the celebrations of Diwali!

For good luck, everyone wears gold and says thank you to the goddess called Lakshmi. On the floor at the entrance of homes is a beautiful design made out of colored sand or rice called a Rangoli (Say: raang-gow-lee).

Diwali takes place over five days, but I am so glad that I am here for day 4. On this day, we share gifts and eat lots of yummy ladoo—a sweet made with coconut, milk, sugar, and butter.

It’s so easy to celebrate with all the colors and lights and natural beauty! But there’s still so much more to see before the season ends, so away I go!



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