Joyeux Noel

Dear travelers,

Here, there’s lots to eat. There are beautiful cakes and cookies and—my most favorite thing of all!—there is A LOT of cheese. Some say, it’s the best cheese in the whole world. (But, be careful, some of it…is pretty smelly.) And, at this time of year, everyone buys their cheeses and chocolates and fresh baked bread at Christmas Markets. For these markets, they set up big tents and—since it’s outside—it’s kind of cold. But you can stay warm with a hot cup of cocoa. This is what Christmastime looks like in France!

When I walk through the busy streets in Paris, people that pass say, “Joyeaux Noel.” (Say: Jzuh-why-you No-El.) That’s how the French say “Merry Christmas” to each other.

They have so many fun Christmas traditions. So far, I’ve written a postcard to Papa Noel, asking him to bring me all the presents on my list (mostly more French cheese). I’ve visited the beautiful Notre Dame cathedral for a service celebrating Christmas. And I’ve eaten a huge meal at a big table full of decorations, like candles, flowers, and ornaments. After the meal, we opened gifts and then ate a Buche (Boo-shh) Noel, which was a yummy cake filled with chocolate and then rolled up like a log.

I am so full. Which must mean it’s time for me to go!


Test your holiday knowledge!


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