Dear travelers,

Here, houses are decorated in beautiful colors and fresh fruits are displayed on big platters. Colorful cloths called kente (Say: ken-tay) are laid across the table and families gather to eat, read, and sometimes dance or play music together.

This celebration is called Kwanzaa, which means “first fruits,” and it is mostly celebrated in my home country, America!

Kwanzaa is a time for African American families to talk about their history and to celebrate their community. Each night, one candle is lit to remember an important principle (“principles” are ideas that you feel are important to follow), and is placed in a candleholder called a kinara.

These days are fun and also full of lots of conversation. Some families will recite poetry or play drums together and, at the end of the seven days, some families will also share gifts!

I’m so glad my friends have shared their good food and stories with me!



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