Dear travelers,

Have you heard of the winter solstice? It’s the time of the year when the earth is tilted as far away from the sun as possible. Which gives us the least sunlight in one day for the whole year. It also means that the season of winter is officially started.

Here, the winter solstice is also a celebration. And I’m ready to get up and dance because it is SO. COLD. The Inuit people call these festivities Quviasukvik (Say: k-you-via-soo-kay). The Inuit people have ties to several countries that make up the part of our world that we call the Arctic, including Greenland, Northern Canada, and Alaska, so these traditions are celebrated in lots of different places!

First, we sang songs and said a blessing for the New Year. This is to help keep any bad spirits away. Then, we recognized all of the elders in the community—this was a time to say thank you to the grandmas and grandpas for their leadership and wisdom.

My favorite part? Every family came together to play games and share dishes, which, all together, made a HUGE delicious feast!

I’ve got to head south to get warm—but I am so glad to be heading off with this feeling of a fresh start!



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