Glad Lucia

Dear travelers,

Here, we wait in the dark for something magical.

First, one girl steps into sight. She wears a white dress with a red sash. On her head is a crown of candles, placed in a ring of Lingonberry branches. As she passes, we start to see other children. They are also dressed in long, white gowns and carry candles. They are singing beautiful carols, warming up the night.

This festival honors Saint Lucia (Say: loosh-uh), a young girl who risked her life bringing food to people who had to go into hiding because of their beliefs.

You can follow this procession—which is word for slower, quieter parades—all the way to a church, where everyone sings songs about the light of Saint Lucia, which drives away the long dark of winter, and eats Pepparkakor (Say: pepper-caw-core)—a type of gingerbread cookie.

The countries that celebrate St. Lucia are called Scandinavia, which is made up of Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. These countries are way up north and can have harsh winters. So bundle up if you want to see the starry night of Saint Lucia!



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