Dear travelers,

Here, we are celebrating the Lunar New Year. Traditional clothing called the hanbok is worn and younger members of the family bow deeply to wish the elders a lot of good luck and a Happy New Year.

This time of year is called Seollal (Say: See-ol-lal) and is the biggest holiday festival for the people of Korea!

Everyone comes home for this holiday, so families—who sometimes have to live far apart—get to all be together.

When I walk through the streets, I see so many red lanterns hung between the buildings and in front of houses. Some people dance through the streets in colorful costumes, and at night, there are tons of fireworks booming across the sky!

When we come inside from the cold, we are greeted with bowls of Tteokguk (Say: tohw-k-goo), which is a special soup made of rice cakes. The rice cakes resemble old Korean coins and are another symbol of good luck and riches for the New Year!

Feeling extra lucky—I must travel onward!



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