Dear travelers,

Here, I have been gifted a piece of chocolate in the shape of the letter “F” which stands for my name, Fig.

We are waiting for a man named Sinterklass to arrive on a ship from Spain. This man rides a white horse and has a book full of the names of both good and bad children.

Sinterklass is the man children in the Netherlands hope will bring them presents!

I love celebrating Christmas here. We eat ginger cookies and put one shoe by the fireplace, hoping Sinterklass will put candy and money inside. We also leave big carrots on a plate for Sinterklass’s white horse, who deserves a little treat, too.

The most hilarious part? We wrap the presents for each other in disguises and try to make each other laugh with jokes and poems. I loved writing jokes for my friends!

But I do need to get going—I’d hate to wake up tomorrow and find a potato in my shoe from Sinterklass!



Next Up: Christmas