Grand America Hotel - Salt Lake City



Custom Blend Facial

After a thorough consultation, each facial begins with a gentle steaming, followed by deep cleansing. Exfoliation and extractions may be performed, extractions performed in 80-minute treatments only. Your customized masque is applied to balance the skin’s Ph, replenish lost nutrients and moisture, and help rejuvenate dull, dry, or damaged skin, leaving a healthy, youthful glow.

50 minutes    $135

80 minutes    $190

Grand Signature Facial

 Using traditional eastern acupressure points and roller lymphatic drainage, western anti-wrinkle micro-current stimulation, and marine biotechnology advanced product ingredients, this facial is the non-surgical way to support anti-aging.

80 minutes  $225

Express Facial

A cleanse, thorough exfoliation, and masque leave your skin refreshed and revived.

30 minutes    $95

Eye Contour Treatment

Enjoy a gentle pressure point massage with an anti-wrinkle complex to improve the micro-circulation and lymph flow around the eye. Our Eye Contour Treatment helps reduce puffiness, tighten sagging skin, and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Available as an add-on to facial only.

With Facial $25

Revitalizing Peel

After consultation, your facial begins with a deep pore cleansing. This is followed with our customized masque to revive sun-damaged and prematurely aging skin, leading to a more energized and youthful appearance.

50 minutes    $125

Gentlemen's Facial

This deep cleansing therapeutic facial helps to normalize skin tone, restore tired eyes, and relieve the aging effects of shaving and everyday stress. Your treatment is customized to your skin type, and includes a hot towel application, exfoliation, a deep cleansing treatment, extractions as needed, and a relaxing facial massage. 

50 minutes    $135

80 minutes    $190