You don’t have to stay at the Grand America Hotel to enjoy it, you know. And the enjoyment begins with your first step inside, past the gigantic display of fresh flowers, past the lobby lounge, peering out to the exquisite grounds and down a couple of perfectly carpeted hallways to the entrance of the Gibson Lounge—clearly the best-kept secret in the local craft cocktail community. Every step leading to the lounge and every chair inside screams out that no expense was spared on the Grand America. Each scream reminds the visitor that no one in the United States builds such appointed hotels these days. And in Salt Lake City, no one serves a plate of chicken wings that matches those served at the Gibson Lounge. These are not your girlfriend’s wings. Thick and meaty with a perfectly hot, hot sauce, in just one bite, you know you’ve not had better. They’re pricey, though, at $13 a plate, and yeah, and so worth it. The lounge itself is worth it, too—a historic throwback to a more luxurious time, replete with comfortable period furniture. Conversation is foremost, and the Gibson Lounge is as relaxing as they come in Utah. Here’s something to talk about: What cocktail pairs best with wings such as these? Read Article →