Located in one of the most beautiful cities in America’s West, The Grand America Hotel is an escape from the day-to-day office grind. Mountains, valleys and other remarkable views show another, more peaceful, side of this country.


For all that our scenic hotel has to offer, it remains a superior destination to gather for your next meeting or event. While it’s true that a lot of planning and details go into events, the experience needn’t be painful. A presentation’s picture display should be as crisp as a clear sky; an internet connection should be as strong as a mountain’s base; video calls shouldn’t resemble stop-and-go traffic.


A complete event set-up with lighting, seating, displays, and décor
A Complete Event Set-up in The Grand America Hotel’s Grand Ballroom


The Grand America Hotel staff takes as much pride in ensuring technological logistics run smoothly as we do with any aspect of a group’s visit. Cables and wires aren’t nearly as nice to look at as the landscapes surrounding our location, but they are the foundation for a modern meeting.


Expectations are different from what they used to be for corporations, associations and other organizations when they come together. We know a lot is at stake, which is why The Grand America hires experts in the field to handle audiovisual needs, and to set up streaming to connect on-site attendees with those unable to be with us in-person.


Virtual or in real life (IRL), the show must run smoothly or you risk the event’s goals not being met. When executed properly, a conference, meeting, trade show or other gathering is a thing of beauty. Just like with our exteriors, we’re not about to let any of your other options outshine us.


Read on to learn why the technical support you will receive at The Grand America Hotel will ensure planners don’t feel like they are pulling off a high-wire act.


1. Top-Notch Staff


Knowing that virtual and/or hybrid components of events are here to stay, we have assembled an all-star team to work with planners. Our in-house audiovisual team comprises tech specialists with more than 20 years of experience at a variety of events. We’ve worked with board meetings and large-scale conventions, all the way up to rock concerts. There’s nothing our team can’t handle because they have done it all before.


2. State-of-the-Art Equipment

An audio/visual (AV) set-up and event command center at The Grand America Hotel
An Audio and Visual Event Command Center at The Grand America Hotel

Just like a musician needs a finely tuned instrument, AV support staff need the best equipment to reach the standards we’re accustomed to providing. We have a wide variety of audio systems, mics and mixing consoles to allow us to provide audio support for any size event. You will be in great hands working with the best tools in the events business.


3. Catering to Clients


No two events are exactly the same. Rather than try the cookie-cutter approach, we have trained staff to match what event planners are looking to accomplish. Our team custom builds audio and video systems to meet the demands of each event. We also do many one-off production sets because that’s what the job requires.


4. Experience


Is your next meeting for tech-savvy professionals? We’re plenty used to groups that rely on multiple devices, reliable Wi-Fi and seemingly limitless bandwidth. Our hotel has hosted events with thousands of connected devices in use simultaneously without any issue.


About the Company


Grand America Hotels & Resorts is an independently owned and operated hospitality company that consists of a collection of properties located across the American West. Properties include Sun Valley Resort (Sun Valley, Idaho), Snowbasin Resort (Huntsville, Utah), The Grand America Hotel (Salt Lake City, Utah), Little America Hotel (Salt Lake City, Utah), The Westgate Hotel (San Diego), Little America Hotel (Flagstaff, Ariz.), Little America Hotel (Little America, Wyo.) and Little America Hotel & Resort (Cheyenne, Wyo.).


We think of guests as members of the family. That guiding light applies to all facets of a stay. In today’s world, travelers need to be connected. At conferences, attendees must be able to access high-tech presentations and be available for the companies they work for.
No expense is spared. You and your attendees’ needs come first. We know you can’t afford any crossed wires. Our tech support is second to none. You will be wowed by the service as equally as you are by the breathtaking views.
All aspects of a meeting should be a pleasure, and they are with Grand America Hotels & Resorts.