With the transition into the cold, dry weeks of January, now is the time to double down on a commitment to healthy skin. Feeling the effects of the weather but don’t know where to begin your path to healing? The Grand Spa’s Lead Esthetician Wendy Webber offers tried-and-true advice to keep skin looking and feeling healthy throughout the long winter weeks.



Key Skin Philosophy: Hydrate, Nourish, Correct, Protect


Hydrate your skin and correct existing problems with nourishing products made from advanced ingredients. Protect your skin from environmental stresses like pollution, sun, and dehydration. While some environmental issues are easier to control than others, it’s crucial to remember that your skin health is largely related to your overall care for your body. Eating well, drinking lots of water, and allowing your body good rest is as important—if not more important—than topical treatments.



Key Steps to Take:


  • Schedule a facial with a licensed Esthetician.

A professional will be able to evaluate the current health needs of your skin and recommend a custom program of home care products. They not only have access to high quality products that will produce the best results, they will also help you sort through the many products on the market. So you can find the best products to hydrate, nourish, correct, and protect your particular skin.


The Grand Spa offers a wide variety of facial services, including the Custom Blend Facial, a must-try for guest new to professional skin treatments!


  • Hydrate—from the inside, out.

Winter weather calls for greater amounts of hydration, both topically on your skin and inside of your body. For topical moisture, Wendy recommends SkinCeuticals Hyaluroic Acid Intensifier, which will supply long lasting hydration and will visibly improve your skin’s texture, and Eminence Organics Stone Crop Hydrating Gel, which soothes dry skin and keeps skin hydrated to maintain long-lasting radiant-looking skin.


Water intake is doubly crucial. One easy rule-of-thumb for daily water consumption is to drink at least half of your weight in ounces (i.e. if you weigh 150lbs, drink at least 75ounces of water). When feeling sick, stressed, or exercising frequently, it’s important drink more than this recommended minimum. Caffeine-drinkers should also drink extra water. Try drinking twice the ounces in water of the number of ounces in the caffeinated drink.


Drinking water with electrolytes will also improve overall wellbeing. Maintaining high levels of calcium, magnesium, sodium chloride, and potassium is crucial. Wendy recommends checking out local Utah company, Trace Minerals and their 40,000 Volts electrolyte supplement.


  • No vacations from SPF.

Despite the colder weather, protection from the sun’s UV rays is still highly important. While you may not be getting sunburned, without sun screen, your skin will still accumulate lasting damage that will harm and age your skin. A special warning to skiers—UV rays are coming down from above and up from the reflection in the snow—so be sure to keep sun screen on your mountain-day checklist!


Another helpful tip: consider purchasing mineral sun screen instead of chemical sun screen. While chemical sun screen will absorb the heat from the UV rays, mineral sun screen naturally reflects UV rays away from your skin. Wendy recommends Zinc Oxide SPFs such as Physical Fusion or Bright Skin Moisturizer.


  • Consider health, holistically.

An overall healthy body will reflect healthy, happy skin. Maintaining a healthy diet and sleep schedule will always help to promote better looking skin. Wendy recommends visiting a good nutritionist if you’re unsure of where to start. Sometimes adding a vitamin or two, or subtracting a food-allergen from your diet will make all the difference for achieving glowing, radiant skin.


  • Visit The Grand Spa retail.

The Grand Spa is home to a comprehensive retail space offering a wide variety of top-of-the-line skin care products. Here, you will find Wendy’s recommended skin care treatments. Stop in any time before or after your Grand Spa service!


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