Let it Snow

Greetings, Snow Buddies!

Welcome to “Let it Snow”—our celebration of the many winter wonders you can explore all around Utah during this special time of year! Jaqueline Frost has arrived once again, bringing with her the wintry weather that ices your windows, chills the air, and nips at your nose. She’s also brought along her scampering cat, Snowball. Snowball can’t wait for another season of playing in Utah’s famous powder. In fact—now that Jaqueline thinks about it—where did Snowball run off to? Jaqueline can’t seem to find him anywhere.

Will you help Jaqueline Frost find Snowball? Come along as she looks for him in all his favorite places. Be sure to keep a careful eye out for that playful kitty. Snowball often turns up where you least expect him.

  • Each Snow Buddy who finds Snowball will be entered into a drawing for a one night stay at The Grand America Hotel


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