Around here, you’ll hear it all the time.  Sometimes, it’s small—just a little voice whispering, “Woah,” as they step inside the lobby. Other times, it’s a resounding declaration, echoing the wonder to behold at this “castle”-like place. In big voices or small, children who visit The Grand America love to vocalize their amazement and approval.


With a towering exterior and an interior that resembles another time—from the tapestries on the walls, to the bronze sculptures, marble floors, and elegant chandeliers —it’s easy to see how, for little ones, The Grand feels like a fairytale come to life.


This magic, and the lasting memories it inspires, is one of the many things that brings families to The Grand year after year. Not just for our wonder-filled corridors, but because we are careful to keep littler perspective in mind—recognizing the importance of their point of view on an overall Grand experience.



The Joy of the JouJou Box


Our attention to the littler details begins with our kid-focused check-in. Engaging each child in the party, front desk agents will roll a colorful cabinet out from behind the counter. The face of this curious, multi-colored box is covered with pull handles. As each child is invited to step up to the box and open one of the doors, the agent builds anticipation—hinting at the mystery waiting behind whichever door they decide to open. The secret waiting for them behind each door? An incredibly plush stuffed animal they will get to take home with them.


This ritual, now a beloved part of our check-in process, was brought to life in 2019 by The Grand America’s team of guest experience specialists. Dubbed the “JouJou Box,” it was named after our iconic children’s boutique.


Originally, the idea took on a few different forms, says Guest Experience Manager Emily Stephens. One iteration of the process involved a small carousel that would deliver the complimentary toy with a little spin.


But once the team had worked out a finalized concept, they took their idea to The Grand’s in-house team of carpenters. Our carpenters are accustomed to giving life to Grand ideas, and were easily able to give shape to the cabinet of curiosities that now delights so many of our littler guests.



Handled with Care


The JouJou Box is one representation of The Grand America’s approach, not only to how children are cared for, but the overall care that is taken to make each guest’s experience both memorable and uniquely personal.


It’s demonstrated in the way our guest experience team regularly restocks the animals in the box with care, making sure that each child’s choice is unique to them. The team also takes care to change the stuffed animals based on season. Visit us in the winter and you may pick out a polar bear, but return in the summer and a sea turtle could be coming home with you.


The best part about this experience? It makes our team just as happy to be the conduits of this joy. As they will tell you, it’s fun for all involved, and can often be the best part of team members’ day. As Stephens says, “If you’re having a bad day, come watch this. It makes will make you so happy.”


And this is only where the magic begins—whether your child wants to feel like a princess at their first Afternoon Tea service or wants to try tapping out a tune on the giant candy organ inside JouJou boutique. For kids—and kids at heart—it’s good to come home to The Grand America.



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