Crystal and bronze Moscatelli chandelier at The Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake.

“Our engineering team replaced more than 24,000 light bulbs throughout the hotel - 3,830 bulbs in The Grand’s signature chandeliers, including The Grand Ballroom’s six 12’ bronze and crystal Moscatelli chandeliers."

Clayton Roop, Grand America Hotels & Resorts’ Director of Engineering.

The Grand America Hotel is saving 2.6 million kilowatt-hours of energy a year, thanks to a recently-completed lighting project.


Rocky Mountain Power wattsmart project team in The Grand Ballroom at The Grand America Hotel celebrating the completion of a recent energy project.
The six Grand Moscatelli Chandeliers in The Grand America’s Grand Ballroom are 12’ in diameter and at the time of the hotel’s opening in 2001 were the largest bronze and crystal chandeliers ever made. The bulbs in these chandeliers, as well as 24,000 light bulbs throughout the hotel, were updated with LED lighting and are an excellent example of old-world elegance shining with modern technology. Since LED lamps are long-lasting, this upgrade not only saves on energy costs but maintenance as well.


The hotel invested $550,000, of which Rocky Mountain Power provided $251,596 in wattsmart Business incentives, resulting in annual savings equivalent to the energy needed to power nearly 300 average-size homes.


“The project made good business sense and is a win for us as well as our guests,” said Chris Erickson, The Grand America’s Hotel Manager. “We reduced our power usage per guest room and meeting room, and the light is warm and brighter which enhances the guest experience.”


Blown glass chandeliers hanging in The Grand America Hotel's lobby


For more than a decade The Grand America has been partners with Rocky Mountain Power’s wattsmart Business Program, which offers technical expertise and cash incentives for improving the energy efficiency of businesses. The partnership has helped the hotel to become approximately 90 percent LED.

“When businesses move toward being more energy efficient it helps them stand out as a company and shows they are taking an active role in doing their part to save energy while being mindful of the environment."

Bill Comeau, Rocky Mountain Power customer solutions director.

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