With the start of the New Year, and all of its potential and promises, now is the perfect time to plan a refreshing spa day. But not all spas provide the same opportunities to fully immerse. The Grand Spa, Salt Lake City’s only Forbes’ Five Star spa, offers a full slate of luxury amenities that complete your day of rest and rejuvenation.


Ready to get more from your spa experience? Here’s our guide to some of the elements that set The Grand Spa apart.




Unmatched Quality of Amenities


As the body takes on the stress of colder weather, a sauna session can be especially beneficial. The Grand Spa features two world-class sauna experiences—one with traditional steam and one dry Himalayan Pink Salt sauna.


The Finnish people—the originators of the sauna—have specific words to describe its impact:


(pronounced: loy / al / ly).

The translation is rough, but it is commonly accepted to mean both “sauna steam” and “the spirit of life.” Many believe that to experience sauna is to connect to the spirit.


saunassa ollaan kvin kirkossa

(pronounced: sawn / uh / sa      ohl / lahn      ku / veen      keer / ko / suh).

Meaning: One should behave in the sauna as if in a church.


Going for a treatment at The Grand Spa could be likened to a day spent in a kind of church. The treatment process is holistic. Every element is intentional, moving you towards a healthier version of yourself.



Peaceful Reflection: The Grand Spa’s “Digital Detox”


From the moment you step into reception, there is a sense of stillness. An attendant meets you and takes you on an orientating tour of the facilities, culminating at your assigned locker. Here, the attendant will explain the spa’s encouraged “digital detox” and show you a small box set aside for storing your phone inside the locker.


Participating in the digital detox promotes a quieted mind and an accompanying sense of focus. Whether enjoying a custom facial or a muscle-healing cupping session, unplugging from your devices will give you a better opportunity to reflect and appreciate the way your body feels before, during, and after your service.



Time for Renewal: Healing at The Grand Spa


Whether enjoyed before or after a spa service, the additional amenities punctuate the rejuvenating ritual of your day at The Grand Spa. From the warming comfort of the signature luxury robes to the unique healing properties of the Himalayan pink salt sauna.


These healing properties are based around the idea of Halotherapy, first discovered in the nineteenth century when Polish salt miners were showing signs of good health that were unusually higher than their working class peers, which lead to new uses in salt therapy.


The dry heat of the sauna increases the pulse rate by at least 30%, meaning the heart nearly doubles the amount of blood it pumps per minute. Spend about 20 minutes in the sauna and concentrate on your breath. Increasing circulation after a massage will ease sore muscles, or will help bring blood to the skin after a custom facial.



More than a Massage: The Message of “Loyly”


They assert that sauna steam and the spirit of life can be contained in the same word and, after experiencing a full spa day at The Grand Spa, the Fins may have you convinced. At The Grand Spa, the body is given an opportunity to renew, a type of church-going.


Take your time to soak in all the five-star amenities. From the saunas to the homemade granola freshly prepared by The Grand America’s chefs, The Grand Spa brings you closer to that “the spirit of life” that will revitalize you for a new year.


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