Tulips at The Grand

Whether you're seeking a relaxing retreat, culinary delights, or simply wish to bask in the beauty of spring, we invite you to join us for this event at the Grand America Hotel. Join us in celebrating the arrival of spring and the breathtaking tulips in bloom. We look forward to welcoming you!

Explore the Grounds

Wander through the picturesque grounds of the Grand America Hotel and marvel at over 40,000 tulips in full bloom. Let the vibrant colors and fragrant blooms transport you to a world of natural beauty and serenity.

Floral-Inspired Ice Cream at Bonne Vie

Treat yourself to the delightful flavors of our floral-inspired artisanal ice cream at Bonne Vie. Indulge in spring blooms infused into each scoop for a taste of the season’s essence. 

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Specialty Cocktails

Sip on hand-crafted tulip-themed cocktails at Laurel Brasserie & Bar and Gibson Lounge, expertly created to complement the vibrant colors and delicate aromas of spring. 


Tulip Tea

Indulge in a special floral-inspired afternoon tea service, featuring freshly arranged floral centerpieces that add a touch of elegance to your dining experience, and don’t miss out on the blooming tea.

Tea Please

Springtime Sunday Brunch

Make your next Sunday Brunch one to remember, and embrace a floral display along with spring-inspired desserts. 


Weekend Yoga in the Courtyard

Enhance your well-being with a weekend yoga session amidst the beauty of tulips in our courtyard. After a relaxing spa treatment, rejuvenate your body and mind surrounded by nature’s beauty. Are you local? Enjoy a spa treatment Monday – Thursday and receive a special invitation to come back and join us for a weekend yoga session.

The Grand Spa

Spring Cabaret

Revel in the melody of springtime and enjoy a live performance by Bridget Galanis during her Spring Cabaret performance in the Gibson Lounge. 

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Floral-Inspired Retail Windows

Take a leisurely stroll and admire our retail windows adorned with floral-inspired displays, reflecting the colors and themes of springtime. 

Shops at The Grand